Victor F. Wild
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About Victor Wild

Victor F. Wild has been a significant figure in American history since the 1970’s. Recognized early in his childhood as having unprecedented insight, originality and creativity, Victor has explored and mastered many areas of interest. From creating bioabsorbable fibers and monofilament at his medical device company in San Diego California, Victor continues to expand innovations in the medical industry.

Victor has a Degree in Physiology
from UCLA (the science of the functioning of living systems; a subcategory of biology). He attended the Chicago College of Dental Surgery before running a manufacturing firm in San Francisco. To further his skills in business he attended the Harvard School of Business Small Business program.

He first explored photography in the early 1960's and authored several books on the topic.

In the 1980's Victor Wild became a student of American sculptor James A. Wasil.

A Wasil was a master sculptor. His work was know for it's realism and commissioned up until his 2008 passing. Mr. Wasil created oversize figures out of bronze. Example of the process and A Wasil work:

Table nd Sculpture created for A Wasil ArmAfter many years of study, A Wasil gave Victor a cast 'arm' that he was not going to use. Victor incorporated the gift in this table he created for the piece.

Victor Wild grew up in Arkansas and is a descendant of a Native American Cherokee. He has one surviving nephew and is married to Andrea G. Wild.

To view a recently completed sculpture, click here. He is also involved in study with a monoprint master, ceramist, painter, flutist and rug weaver.

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